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Crafted with pride by the community and for the community

Discover the fascinating “Kanazawa Pop Series” on the Polygon network, where the beloved characters from Kanazawa’s work come to life in a parallel universe. Experience a delightful and non-canon side story that showcases the irresistible cuteness of Kanazawa’s characters.

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what is it?

Kanazawa Pop is a collectible extension of Kanazawa on Polygon chain. It’s all about celebrating with the community! 90% of the items that are minted are given away as gifts to members of the Kanazawa community, and the remaining 10% is used to cover all the costs involved in creating and publicize the collection

Meet the winners of the first Giveaway!

We are thrilled to reveal the 1700 lucky winners of the first Kanazawa Pop giveaway! The response was overwhelming, with a whopping 14774 participants, out of which 4941 met the eligibility criteria. If you didn’t win this time, fret not! Keep participating in the community and driving the secondary market to get prioritized in the next giveaways!

Whether you won or not, let’s join hands and skyrocket the secondary market! Share your excitement on X/Twitter with the hashtag #Kanazawa and let’s take this collection to the moon!


What are the NFT traits?

There are 5 traits available:
1 – Character (all): NFT Character
2 – Expression (all): Emotion and facial expression of the character
3 – Background Color (all): Background colors based on the Pantonne palette
4 – Origin (all): If the art was based on an emote or meme (meme is more rare than emote)
5 – Accessory (some): If the NFT contains any extra accessories
6 – Twin (some): If the NFT is a twin

The level of rarity differs based on the traits. Every NFT comes with a corresponding twin, resulting in a total of 900 traditional NFTs and 900 twins. The NFT twins can be distinguished by the colors of the Kanazawa logo.


At the moment, twins have 4 different values:
Bronze: 600 twins
Silver: 200 twins
Gold: 99 twins
Red: 1 twin

PS.: Regardless of how many drops are made for the collection, the NFT #0 will be the only one that will have Twin:Red.

If you cannot view your NFT even if your wallet was selected and the submission date has passed, please double-check that you have correctly sent your public wallet address and that it is not hidden in the “hidden” tab of the marketplace where your NFTs are being viewed.

You can use any marketplace compatible with the Polygon chain. In the meantime, we recommend that you use our Community Marketplace powered by Rarible. If you wish, we also have the collection officially on Rarible and OpenSea.

All NFTs are minted and sent using the collection’s smart contract. You can check smartcontract activities on Polyscan.

Currently, NFTs have been mined as follows:

Drop #1 (September/2023): 60 original arts with 15 background variations based on Pantone colors = totaling 900 items. Each item has a twin (red, gold, silver or bronze). Totaling 1800 items.

Total minted currently: 1800