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What is Kanazawa?

Welcome to Kanazawa, an English business identified by the company number 14847439. Our main goal is to delight our readers with captivating stories! Our debut webnovel, named after our company and the author’s family name, is called “Kanazawa”. The first installment of the series, “blood.honor.,” was launched online in July of 2023 at no cost to our readers.

At Kanazawa, we strive to provide our readers with an exceptional experience. We utilize AI translators and a Dark Mode Website to enhance the quality of our content. Our novel is available online in over 20 languages. Additionally, we offer the option for readers to download the English version for offline reading or listen to the English audiobook.

We proudly showcase our talented artists through our “Artist House” system. Typically, our artists work with us for six months and may be invited back for future projects or special participation in new series of chapters. At Kanazawa, we are committed to offering products and services directly inspired by our published stories. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

artist house

Meet our artist house members

Walisson Mikael Silva


Walisson Mikael Silva, known by his artistic name wmikaelart, was born in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. As a child, his interest in art was sparked by his older brother, who was an avid drawer. Inspired by his sibling, Walisson began drawing and honing his skills. Additionally, due to financial constraints and safety concerns in his neighborhood, art became a means of entertainment and self-expression for him. Paper and pencils were affordable resources that allowed him to explore his creativity…