Walisson Mikael Silva


Walisson Mikael Silva, known by his artistic name wmikaelart, was born in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. As a child, his interest in art was sparked by his older brother, who was an avid drawer. Inspired by his sibling, Walisson began drawing and honing his skills. Additionally, due to financial constraints and safety concerns in his neighborhood, art became a means of entertainment and self-expression for him. Paper and pencils were affordable resources that allowed him to explore his creativity. He was the first artist invited to participate in Kanazawa’s “Artist House”, illustrating the first six chapters and developing the concept and creation of the characters: Aiden, Edgward and Evienne.

His brother’s artistic pursuits initially influenced Walisson’s motivation to become an artist. As he grew older, circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic led him to reevaluate his career path. After losing his job, Walisson took the leap to turn his art into a source of income. At first, he was unsure about making money from his hobby. Nevertheless, he came to the realization that utilizing his familiarity with art made pursuing it a practical choice. This decision proved successful, and he embraced the opportunity to showcase his artistic talents.

Starting from scratch presented numerous challenges for Walisson. Building a career in a field like art, which may be considered non-essential, required him to overcome obstacles. Convincing others of the value of his work and gaining recognition was a difficult task. However, Walisson found solace in the online artistic community, particularly on social media platforms. The support and encouragement he received from fellow artists and art enthusiasts helped him persevere and navigate the hurdles he faced.

Walisson is largely self-taught. He began his artistic journey by imitating his brother’s drawings. However, recognizing the need for professional growth, he embarked on a self-directed study path. He expanded his knowledge and skills by utilizing freely available content, particularly on platforms like YouTube. Walisson’s dedication to learning and improving his craft was crucial to his artistic development.

Several artists have influenced Walisson’s work and career trajectory. Ursula Dorada and Guilherme Freitas served as inspirations by demonstrating that artists can thrive financially. Their success motivated Walisson to aspire to reach similar levels of achievement. Additionally, Guweiz, known for his composition skills, has been a significant inspiration. Although Walisson doesn’t focus on Guweiz’s technique, the artist’s ability to create captivating compositions has left a lasting impression.

Walisson’s favorite style encompasses fantasy themes. He gravitates towards the genre and enjoys creating artwork within that realm. In terms of art styles, Walisson specializes in realism and stylized art. Whether working with sketches, lines, flat colors, full illustrations, or concepts, he adeptly combines elements of realism and stylization to bring his artistic visions to life.