Chapter 01 – Page 07/07 After being trapped in a horrible dimension for millennia, it feels great to finally use my legs to run around this castle. However, I feel rusty, and my powers are decreasing rapidly. As a Luza, I must maintain balance on the Eryndor and kill solely those I must. But right […]


Chapter 01 – Page 06/07 Part 4: Edgward, it’s all about me I’m a poor little thing, and my mother died when I was born… Just kidding, reader! I’m a Luza. If my creators were to perish, it would instantly mean your universe’s end. You may have heard of me before, but I wonder if […]


Chapter 01 – Page 05/07 “Dear friend, I sincerely apologize for what I must do. It pains me to say this, but I must absorb your essence. We will become one entity, but if I do not take action, either you or I will absorb the other. If we do not control our unity, we […]


Chapter 01 – Page 04/07 Part 3: Aiden, the Aranor’s honour Even that he was only 16 years of age, the orphan had already proved himself to be an extraordinary military prodigy. Despite his youth, he had already surpassed adult combat soldiers, demonstrating a skill typically taking years to achieve. Yet, he remained steadfast in […]


Chapter 01 – Page 03/07 “Great job for a maiden experience!” a child’s voice reverberates in the library. Evienne pivoted around, her chest still heaving from the exertion of her previous activity, her curiosity piqued by the sound of the young voice. She was confronted with a delightful being – a three-horned canine with fur […]


Chapter 01 – Page 02/07 Part 2: Evienne, the slave freed by blood Evienne’s birth was a disappointment because, as a female and only child, she could not inherit her family’s small holdings of 3 pigs and 2 chickens. Her mother died giving birth to her only child due to complications in childbirth. Whenever her […]


Chapter 01 – Page 01/07 Part 1: Prologue There are two powerful forces in the spiritual realm – Kana and Zawa. Kana embodies light and creation, while Zawa represents darkness and destruction. Together, they created a physical realm called Eryndor, populated by magical creatures known as Luzas. This realm is similar to Earth but has […]