Chapter 02 – Page 06/06 Aiden: Embrace yourself Aiden’s thoughts churned, torn between loyalty and curiosity. The weight of his past, the memories of battles fought and lives lost, pressed heavily upon him. He closed his eyes, trying to escape the maelstrom within, but Lillia’s proximity was intoxicating, a siren’s call that he found himself […]


Chapter 02 – Page 05/06 Aiden: Embrace yourself Aranor’s hierarchy was a web of power and intrigue. The royal family held the apex of authority, their dominion extending not just over the land, but also over the realm of magic. Aiden had been drawn into this world from a young age, his life irrevocably altered […]


Chapter 02 – Page 04/06 Edgward: Second chance [?] As I ate, I watched him, the way he moved about his home with an air of contentment. He spoke of his life, his work, his dreams, and for a fleeting moment, I found myself strangely captivated by his genuine enthusiasm. Perhaps not all humans were […]


Chapter 02 – Page 03/06 Edgward: Second chance [?] The city of Aranor sprawled before me, a labyrinthine expanse of steam-powered machinery and bustling activity. Its streets bustled with humans, each going about their daily lives with a vigor that both fascinated and repulsed me. They hurried, their steps purposeful, their voices a constant hum […]


Chapter 02 – Page 02/06 Evienne: Memories… She stood amidst the wreckage, her breath ragged and her eyes red from tears. The room around her was a chaotic tableau of destruction, a physical manifestation of the storm of emotions that had raged within her. Her father’s presence, once an anchor of sorts, now felt like […]


Chapter 02 – Page 01/06 Evienne: Memories… As Evienne’s horse carried her through the winding forest path, a cascade of memories tumbled through her mind like leaves caught in a whirlwind. The gentle rustling of leaves seemed to echo with the laughter of her childhood, and the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy felt like […]