Chapter 03 – Page 05/05 Lillia: I am not a villain Aiden’s eyes glittered with a dangerous mix of desire and uncertainty. He was torn between his loyalty to Nova, the woman who had guided him, and the seductive promise of power that Lillia offered. It was a choice that would define not only his […]


Chapter 03 – Page 04/05 Lillia: I am not a villain After centuries of collecting information and eating a few enchanters who dared to cross the desert, Lillia noticed that the number of enchanters began to dwindle. Until one day she hears the great news from one of the travelers: the great war between enchanters […]


Chapter 03 – Page 03/05 Lillia: I am not a villain As the days turned into weeks, Lillia found herself growing strangely attached to the motley group of travelers. They had become her unwitting companions in this harsh desert, and their stories had become a source of amusement and distraction. She listened to their tales […]


Chapter 03 – Page 02/05 Lillia: I am not a villain As Lillia surveyed the desolate landscape of Eryndor, she couldn’t help but feel a twisted sense of satisfaction. In this unforgiving wilderness, where survival was a constant battle against the elements, she had found a new kind of power. The desert had become her […]


Chapter 03 – Page 01/05 Lillia: I am not a villain The desolation of Eryndor stretched endlessly before Lillia, its vastness mirroring the emptiness that had settled within her once-vibrant heart. Under the relentless sun, the arid desert seemed to mock her exile from the realm of the Luzas. It was a place where the […]