How to buy a Kanazawa NFT?

Purchasing an NFT from Kanazawa is easy and convenient once you have created your wallet with Ethereum. Our marketplace, powered by Rarible, is user-friendly and secure. To ensure your safety, you can verify that the marketplace is integrated into Rarible’s system. Our website simply redirects you to the decentralized marketplace, and we do not store […]

How to buy Ethereum?

Now that you’ve created your MetaTask wallet and created your exchange account, it’s time to buy Ethereum! The process is extremely simple and we will use MoonPay with MetaTask as an example.   How to buy Ethereum 1 – Access your MetaTask on the icon next to your navigation bar and click on “Buy”   […]

How to withdraw ethereum?

Do you know how to withdraw ethereum to your fiat bank account? We will teach you step by step in this article!

How to create an exchange account?

Learn how to create an exchange account and convert your crypto into fiat. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you.