Kanazawa’s Evolution: From Nostalgic Beginnings to a Web3 Future

Hey there! This is the director of Kanazawa here. Sit tight because I’ve got some stories to tell and exciting updates to share. Let’s kick it off with a stroll down memory lane. When Kanazawa was just an idea, it had the warm backing of some of my closest friends. We all shared a singular […]

Brand changes and cessation of the traditional Airdrop of the exclusive collection

Dear Kanazawa Community, We hope this message finds you well, filled with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Today, we have some thrilling news to share with you that will shape the future of our NFT collection and our brand as a whole. After careful consideration and extensive discussions with our incredible community of […]

Company changes for the next months

GM, collectors! (because it’s always morning somewhere in the world) Recently, we hosted an assembly on our Discord platform with collectors, and we want to thank everyone for attending. It was heartening to receive feedback from those who have supported us since our inception. After gathering information from the meeting and conducting research through some […]

Relevant release and drop information

We are thrilled to announce our presence in the market. Our aim is to assist new collectors and provide resources for experienced collectors to conduct their own research. In this article, we have compiled essential information about our company’s launch and where to access important details.