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Part 1: Prologue

There are two powerful forces in the spiritual realm – Kana and Zawa. Kana embodies light and creation, while Zawa represents darkness and destruction. Together, they created a physical realm called Eryndor, populated by magical creatures known as Luzas. This realm is similar to Earth but has two stunning moons in the sky. The Luzas were responsible for the ongoing creation and destruction of everything that can be seen, from towering mountains to endless oceans and all that lies between.

As time passed, some of the Luzas lost their motivation to keep up with the ongoing cycle of creation and destruction in the physical realm. They believed they had already achieved a perfect balance, which could not be improved upon. Tzaphk, the highest caste member of Kana, noticed this and decided to create a species called “enchanters”. These creatures were designed to worship the Luzas and keep them motivated. They possessed some of the same knowledge of spiritual forces and how to control them. Initially, the enchanters played their role as intended, but they grew dissatisfied with their position as the lowest caste and demanded equality; the dissatisfaction led to a war for control over Eryndor.

Despite their seemingly weaker abilities compared to the Luzas, the enchanters were formidable. They were, in fact, quite numerous, and their strength was often underestimated. After millennia of gruelling conflict, the sons and daughters of Tzaphk united in a common goal: to establish a new realm between the physical and spiritual planes. This realm, called “Norvashan”, was specifically designed to imprison the Luzas and strip them of their immense powers. However, this act of selflessness came at a significant cost to the enchanters. In doing so, they forfeited their abilities, relinquished their identity as enchanters, and began referring to themselves as “humans”. This meant that they would henceforth be forced to live like any other creature on Eryndor without the ability to harness the Kana and Zawa powers. Despite this significant sacrifice, they could live freely in a world where they could carve out their destiny.

At least, that’s what they thought…

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