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Part 2: Evienne, the slave freed by blood

Evienne’s birth was a disappointment because, as a female and only child, she could not inherit her family’s small holdings of 3 pigs and 2 chickens. Her mother died giving birth to her only child due to complications in childbirth. Whenever her father looks at her, he is reminded of his wife’s sacrifice to bring their defective child into the world. Although the child had inherited her mother’s beautiful appearance, with red hair and eyes as bright as blood. She has had weak muscles and tremors since she began to walk, and the symptoms have worsened over the years.

At age 12, her small village, a poor area of the kingdom of Aranor, was attacked by a monstrous creature resembling a giant tortoise. The beast attacked everyone in the place, but before it could reach her house, the brave soldiers of Aranor intervened and burned and destroyed the monster, thereby saving her father’s and her life. However, despite the soldiers’ reluctance to accept, her father asked the soldiers to take her as a gift to serve the kingdom. In reality, he wanted to get rid of the burden of caring for her. The soldiers agreed to take her to be the slave in the royal library. This was the first time Evienne had encountered a monster, which the soldiers called “Shallow.” From then on, her fate was sealed, and she spent her days breathing the dust air of the library.

Over several years, the child trapped in the library grew into a young adult. Time seemed to pass slowly in her isolated world, and she lost track of her age. Despite her ongoing imprisonment, her body continued to develop and mature. She noticed that her muscles became tighter and more tense each day, and the tremors progressively worsened. It felt as though her feet became heavier as time passed, making it increasingly difficult and painful for her to walk. Despite these physical challenges, she continued teaching herself to read and learn from the books surrounding her. These books became her loyal companions through the power of language and imagination. They helped to ease the pain of her otherwise miserable existence.

Evienne’s bony fingers reached the shelves and retrieved her favourite book, “Norvashan”, a collection of tales as ancient as writing itself. These stories had been retold countless times, becoming fragments of legends, when they had lost their original meaning. However, to Evienne, they still provided a glimpse into a mysterious world impossible to fully comprehend. As she opened the book, her attention was drawn to her favourite passage – the final battle between the enchanters and the Luzas.

“Slave? Didn’t I already remind you about reading during the day?”

“I’m sorry, master,” distracted with the reading, she had not noticed her master approaching.

“Are you seriously this incapable of carrying out a basic instruction? Besides being crippled, you are retarded! Are you ready for the consequences?”

Evienne was already familiar with her master’s disciplinary measures. That punishment had often been inflicted since her first day as a slave, resulting in carnal pleasure for her owner and a deep pain in her intimacy area. The humiliation weighed more than the pain of any whip. The first punishment happened just a few days after she was enslaved. She received an order to clean the library’s bathroom, but due to her small and trembling hands, she dropped the bucket of water; the master stormed into the bathroom and, after slapping her, undressed the child and punished her for the first time. Evienne still remembers the pain, the blood, and her master’s satisfied face. The young lady always tried to remain calm and humble and follow her master’s orders with a slight smile to avoid his punishments. Still, he always found an excuse, and these punishments were repeated innumerable times throughout the day; the constant violations slowly broke down a once innocent and kind soul, leaving an existential void inside Evienne that was more painful than her aching muscles.

“Turn your back and take off those dirty clothes,” ordered his master with an evident tone of delight.

As Evienne took a step forward, suddenly, she was overcome by an inexplicable sensation coursing through her body. It felt like a blazing fire had sparked inside her, and molten lava surged through her veins. The sheer intensity of this energy was so overwhelming that her vision momentarily blurred, and she had to grasp onto a nearby chair to steady herself and prevent herself from falling.

“Are you going to faint? Your punishment will be even more severe because of this”, said her impatient master.

She experienced an abrupt transformation within her body, resulting in heightened muscular strength and a complete absence of discomfort. Her long-buried resentment from years prior resurfaced, and she became acutely aware of the omnipresent power emanating from everything in her surroundings, be it distant objects or living beings, as well as the elements of air, earth, and water. Even the mere touch of her master on her waist triggered a remarkable metamorphosis, turning the simple chair in which she was reclining into a formidable sword, igniting her desire for blood.

“What the…?”

“Besides being perverted, you are scared! Are you ready for the consequences?”, the woman’s red eyes shone with a unique radiance as though she had transformed into someone else entirely.

Before her master could complete the sentence, Evienne plunged the sword into his stomach, and he fell, bleeding, she could kill him at that moment if she wanted to. But she wanted to see her master bleed and suffer; at that moment, the woman’s mind could only picture that man’s repeated violations of her body. Then the newly transformed red lady stabbed him repeatedly, so many times that she lost count. She lacked martial arts training; thus, her movements were rough and clumsy. Still, seeing the life drain out of that man’s eyes was the greatest pleasure she had ever felt in her life.

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