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Part 3: Aiden, the Aranor’s honour

Even that he was only 16 years of age, the orphan had already proved himself to be an extraordinary military prodigy. Despite his youth, he had already surpassed adult combat soldiers, demonstrating a skill typically taking years to achieve. Yet, he remained steadfast in his training, dedicating day and night to further honing his abilities. His desire to impress his adoptive mother and the king of Aranor fuelled his unwavering determination.

“Aiden, love, would you mind taking a break from your training? It’s time for tea with your mother,” a voice from the training ground of the castle called out. The teenager quickly changes his expression of fury against his training opponent and runs towards his adoptive mother with the twinkle in his eyes of a child about to feast on scones and tea.

“Mommy, guess what? I was just invited to join the royal guard by the king himself!”

“He told me, love. However, we must also remember that caring for our spiritual well-being is just as important. Let’s ensure we are prepared for whatever the future may bring, including your transition”, said the lady while serving tea to her adopted son.

“I’m worried about the uncertainty of it all. It’s hard to keep waiting and wondering if my enchanting powers will ever appear or not,” Aiden noticed the woman who had raised him had a worried look in her eyes, “Please don’t worry. I understand how important the amulet you created for me is. I will make sure to keep it safe in case my powers ever manifest”.

Aiden was the youngest son of the Duchess of Guinevere. His mother was pregnant with him when she became a widow. Despite being warned that her baby, who possessed the powers of Kana and Zawa, would cause her death during childbirth, she chose to continue with the pregnancy. Aiden was born in the care of the royal family and Nova, the one known enchantress in the kingdom of Aranor, and a trusted friend of the king, to look after the child. Nova was kind and welcoming, treating Aiden as if he were her own child and providing him with all the love he needed.

“Be mindful that while your elderly mother may no longer require an amulet to retain her powers, it may still while be necessary for you until you can fully control your abilities.”

“Yes yes, if I don’t use the amulet, I can turn into a Shallow.”

“Can you explain what a Shallow is?” asked Aiden’s adoptive mother and master.

“We’ve already been through that lesson. Shallows are Luzas or Enchanters who lose control of their powers from Kana and Zawa, causing chaos and disharmony in our plane and Norvashan”, the man responds sarcastically.

“I simply want to ensure you remembered,” smiles the enchantress, while enjoying a scone.

Nova’s prediction about the young man’s powers came true. Just after turning 20, Aiden experienced the feeling that Evienne would feel in the future. His inner energy collapsed, and he faced a two-horned Luza. Nova had explained that when she received her power, she had struggled to control it and nearly became a Shallow. It took years of practice and a suit that absorbed the Luza’s power for her to enter perfect synergy with her creature. Aiden was blessed to have his master to make his journey more manageable. She created an amulet to retain Luza’s energy and prevent them both from becoming Shallows.

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