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“Dear friend, I sincerely apologize for what I must do. It pains me to say this, but I must absorb your essence. We will become one entity, but if I do not take action, either you or I will absorb the other. If we do not control our unity, we will devolve into irrational and chaotic beings”, Aiden puts on the magic buckle given to him by his adoptive mother, which allows him to absorb the Luza.

An energy coursed through Aiden’s veins, a Luza’s power’s unmistakable pulse. However, mastering this newfound ability became a challenge that surpassed his initial expectations. Unlike his mom, who could only create magical amulets, Aiden possessed the extraordinary power to create and control fire. Despite years of intense training and guidance from his master, he only felt confident enough to use his powers in battle after four years of secret practice. Even then, he remained cautious about displaying his capabilities publicly, given the fear and stigma surrounding enchanters and their potential to lose control.

Aiden embarked on a challenging and lengthy journey of self-discovery. He faced numerous obstacles but remained determined to refine his abilities and regulate his power. The constant fear of losing control and causing devastation loomed over him. Yet, he pushed through with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the kingdom.

During an attack on a destitute village in Aranor by the monstrous giant Shallow tortoise, Aiden was compelled to unleash his powers to vanquish the creature. It was his inaugural encounter with such a formidable adversary, and the soldiers alone were unable to handle the battle. As the Shallow burned in flames, Aiden observed the mingled expressions of fear and awe on the faces of the villagers. He knew then that he had found his calling and would use his powers to defend the innocent and uphold justice.

Despite the challenges ahead, he knew he had the strength and determination to overcome them. He would do whatever it took to protect those who couldn’t defend themselves and honour the enchanters. Following the village battle, the soldiers had a celebration at the pub. However, Aiden opted to visit his adoptive mother for tea instead. He preferred a calm atmosphere rather than a chaotic one.

“Aiden, you have done a wonderful job and made the proper choice. Your training has helped you grow so much over the past years. I am proud of the mature and responsible person you have become,” said Nova as she served tea to her adopted son.

“I am watchful of the situation. While I still need the amulet to prevent myself from transforming into a Shallow, I feel confident while wearing it. However, I cannot help but worry about the possibility of losing the population’s trust and faith”, especially now that he had become a general; Aiden resented losing the popular appeal and confidence of his soldiers that he had worked hard to earn over the years.

“Even though people were suspicious when I made a healing amulet for the prince’s mortal illness, I still stand here today. The king trusted you with the general position despite thinking you wasted your powers as enchanters. You don’t have to worry; your principles will remain steadfast.”

“But does that loyalty come from either leadership or from fear?” Nova had never seen her son so unsure of himself.

“As a military leader, you must inspire love and fear, just like the forces of Kana and Zawa. That’s why the king chose you to become a general.”


At this point, Aiden started to doubt how he became a general – was it on his own merits or the king fears that he needed to control his powers.

“I am committed to safeguarding Aranor with all my might, but when I defeated that malevolent being, I felt a sense of unease. It felt as if I was harming myself rather than doing the right thing”; Aiden swirled his fingers in his cup of tea, which had already begun to cool, “I’m worried about the possibility of turning to evil as an enchanter without becoming a Shallow. Is it possible to stray from the honourable path and cause chaos?”, the military man holds his hand with a melancholy look, “You have been my inspiration since I was a child. I admire how you conquered your space through the power of creation. Your strength and courage have always been a source of gratitude for me. However, I am concerned that my powers may bring only destruction”.

“Love, aren’t good and evil just ideas created by humans to control society’s anxiety?” said the lady in a sweet and welcoming tone, “there is a balance between destruction and creation. Both natural forces complement each other, like the lion that hunts for food or the fire that consumes the forest. As Enchanters and Luzas, we possess the power to create and destroy to varying degrees. We aim to protect nature from the chaos caused by Shallows, who have no conscience and seek only chaos. We must work together to maintain this balance and protect our kingdom. Never doubt your ability so to do”.

Aiden couldn’t wait for any other words of comfort from Nova. The enchantress had always taught him the importance of destroying the Shallows and protecting enchanters and Luzas who had yet to find synergy. However, he now had doubts. Were the Shallows entirely lost? If so, should they be eliminated before transforming and spare them the pain of losing their identity? A moral conflict arose in his mind as he struggled to decide between upholding his master’s teachings and following the easier path of the natural order.

It has been years since Aiden encountered a Shallow. Unfortunately, this was not the last encounter, as the order was repeatedly compromised, and innumerable monsters appeared in the kingdom. As a result, Aiden became an integral part of Aranor due to his abilities as an enchanter and his development of military techniques to safeguard the kingdom.

The king’s anxiety heightened as he grappled with the mounting instances of aggression. In desperation for a solution, he turned to his trusted general, seeking his aid in uncovering the root cause of the Shallows’ attacks. However, the general could not abandon his aging adoptive mother, who lived alone near the castle without protection. Respectfully, Aiden politely declined the king’s request but vowed to devise a plan and gather troops for the mission. Soldiers suddenly knocking at his door disrupted his contemplation as he retreated to his room.

“Sir, we have a problem,” said one of the soldiers after entering the room, “The master of the library has been found dead with multiple wounds caused by a sword whose origin we do not know, and his slave had disappeared.”

“How could this possibly occur right in front of our noses without anyone noticing it? This is unacceptable. We need to locate that slave immediately; she may hold be our valuable witness.”

“Excuse me, sir, but there’s something else: we also swung by Madam Nova’s residence to inquire about any information she might have regarding the library master, and…” the soldier suddenly interrupted the report.

Aiden felt a sudden sensation of liveliness filling the room, despite the absence of any audible disturbance. He instinctively recognized it as the presence of a Luza or perhaps an enchanter, eavesdropping on their conversation. However, he deemed it necessary to ascertain the situation before acting.

“Which is? What did she say?” Said Aiden impatiently.

“There were two decapitated men, possibly thieves. However, we failed to identify them as Aranor residents.”

“So? Nova doesn’t have powers and training in battles; besides, she’s just an old lady. You’re not implying that she could decapitate two adult men”.

“No, sir. Madam Nova was also murdered, and her antique enchantress costume stolen.”

Aiden was left without words, his mind struggling to process the sudden news that had hit him with full force. His emotions were running high, and his world was crumbling around him. He remained still momentarily, trying to come to terms with the situation. Eventually, he mustered the strength to react to the news.

“I need to think. Get out!” shouted the general, holding back his tears.

As soon as the soldiers hurriedly left the rooms and closed the door, Aiden spoke in an unfriendly tone.

“Reveal yourself before I lose what remains of my patience.”

“It’s truly incredible that you were able to sense my presence. It’s a testament to your exceptional training as an enchanter to feel a Luza’s presence”, said Edgward sauntering out of the shadows; the pink creature turns to you, “dear reader, I have a feeling that this is not going to turn out well, I am increasing finding myself in these uncomfortable situations.”

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