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Part 4: Edgward, it’s all about me

I’m a poor little thing, and my mother died when I was born…

Just kidding, reader! I’m a Luza. If my creators were to perish, it would instantly mean your universe’s end. You may have heard of me before, but I wonder if you received accurate information. Allow me to properly introduce myself: I am the magnificent, beautiful, cute, amazing, and powerful Edgward.

In the days before Norvashan, I oversaw keeping the lesser creatures in check. Oh, how I relished those times! The insolent requests for equality were nothing but a laughable joke to me. How dare these creations think they could occupy the same space as their makers? But during those good times, I ran freely through the woods, delivering swift kicks that sliced the fragile bodies of those accursed enchanters in half. Guts spilled out onto the ground… so satisfying! Don’t misunderstand me, though. Even those of us who relish in a good kill have our limits. Before the war, my objective in maiming a living being was to maintain population control. And let me tell you, those animals sure multiply quickly! Just one male bug enters a female, and swiftly there’s a big belly or a clutch of eggs. Death couldn’t contain the never-ending multiplication of all kinds of animals on the physical plane. Luzas, like me, were essential to ensure chaos didn’t reign supreme.

And let’s talk about Norvashan. What a terrible place these enchanters have created. Imagine a location surrounded by desert and where our abilities are rendered useless, so boring! You ask me, “Edgward, why do you hate humans and enchanters?”, mate, those snugglefluffies created a parallel dimension made with sand that left my species locked and powerless for decades. They were rogues who even sacrificed their power to achieve this; what do you want? Do I hold them by hand, dance an “Old Macdonalds” song, and smoke weed together? Of course not!

Wow, I must apologize for my outburst earlier. Let me take a deep breath… There we go. Now, where were we? Ah yes, Norvashan. Let me tell you, it was a complete disaster from the beginning. Tzaphk was defending those creatures and claiming they were in the right, but I found that downright pathetic. After being trapped in that dreadful place for millennia, it’s no wonder some of us lost touch with our true selves (I mean, who wouldn’t after being stuck in a desert for that long?). The sky was constantly dark, and it was always night. The enchanters couldn’t even create a single star to provide some entertainment. Can you believe that? But then, something miraculous happened. We saw a star born in the sky of Norvashan, and it was like a beacon of hope. Zareketh and Tzaphk, the only Luzas with 7 horns and the strongest of us all, led the charge toward a brighter future.

You’re probably wondering, “How did this star come to be? How did this veil begin to unravel?” I mean, let’s face it, you’re not like most people who don’t have a clue. But the truth is, I don’t have any answers for you either. No one does, not even Zareketh or Tzaphk. And if you think human fathers are absent from their children’s lives, you clearly haven’t heard of Kana and Zawa. These two ethereal forces never even bothered to grace us on Earth or in Norvashan with their presence, not even to say a simple hello. So, I guess you’ll just have to stick with me and keep watching the next chapters because, honestly, even I don’t know what the heck is going on here.

However, this was not an overnight occurrence as the lights vanished randomly (I apologize for causing more confusion than clarity. However, I must admit that the author is also frustrating me. It would be better to e-mail him directly to express our dissatisfaction). I couldn’t believe it! I had been strolling in that dreadful desert, preparing for a restful nap. Despite being trapped in an intermediate plane without powers, I refused to let my gorgeous hair suffer. My mind had even begun to wander, imagining a day when I could slice an animal in half and gouge out their eyes. Then, out of nowhere, I was quickly absorbed into the sand and ended up in the middle of a library. To my astonishment, there was an enchantress present who seemed to be entirely out of control, transforming a chair into a sword before my very eyes.

The narrator was correct that the scene surprised me. It wasn’t because she turned a chair into a sword, which is less impressive than Luzas’ abilities. However, enchanters are unique because they can manifest powers of creation and destruction in different proportions. This is what surprised me. Enchanters can create and destroy, but not equally. Two beings are required to achieve transmutation, which means destroying and creating in equal proportion using the forces of Kana and Zawa. I have never seen this before, despite my advanced age.

Dear reader, after being trapped in a dimension for millennia without using my powers, I encountered a woman with a unique ability. I chose to flee from her, hoping to avoid encountering her again in the future. This is not fear; it is wisdom.

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