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After being trapped in a horrible dimension for millennia, it feels great to finally use my legs to run around this castle. However, I feel rusty, and my powers are decreasing rapidly. As a Luza, I must maintain balance on the Eryndor and kill solely those I must. But right now, I feel a strong urge to eliminate every human in sight. Perhaps my hate is clouding my instincts. Nevertheless, I am impressed by your species’ ability to build such an impeccable castle and improve your architecture and object-building skills over the millennia. It’s a valuable skill that has clearly served you well.

I took a quick break and admired the view of the city from my window. The spot is called Aranor or something like that. The architecture is quite impressive, especially the stunning houses near the castle. Looking further out, I can see that the kingdom extends beyond the city walls toward the horizon.

I am currently worried as I ponder how many cities have been established without proper Luza regulation, the population is growing alarmingly. I cannot help but wonder when this will begin to negatively impact the environment. Perhaps the immense number of humans that exist after centuries of growth is why I am experiencing an intense urge to harm those in this castle. Additionally, I have detected an unusual pulsing of energy emanating from certain rooms, adding to my unease.

We can manipulate Kana’s and Zawa’s forces, giving us a unique aura that distinguishes us from humans. With training, we can even sense the energy emanating from other beings. While we are naturally drawn to those with equal force, this doesn’t necessarily mean we will get along. However, I recently sensed a new energy that blends Luza and Enchanter, which is different from any other energy I’ve encountered. Initially, I felt it from an enraged enchantress with a perfect balance of Kana and Zawa, and then again when I left the library, but it disappeared after a few minutes.

I may regret it, but I must investigate where this scent comes from. I have been sniffing around a bit (sniffing energy, not those chemicals as some of you do over there); I quickly enter a room where there is a man visibly in a higher caste than his soldiers; they are reporting to their superiors about the death of a master and the escape of a slave… I know these two! This is interesting!


“No, sir. Madam Nova was also murdered, and her antique enchantress costume was stolen.”

“I need to think. Get out!”, that man seems hugely nervous. It’s like he’s about to burst into tears any second now! I better not laugh out loud, though, or he might hear me. I wonder, could this lady be the energy source that suddenly vanished?

“Reveal yourself before I lose the rest of my patience.”

“It’s truly incredible that you were able to sense my presence. It’s a testament to your exceptional training as an enchanter to feel a Luza’s presence”.

Dear reader, I have a feeling that this is not going to turn out well, as I always seem to find myself in these uncomfortable situations. And as I expected, it didn’t work out very well. The man effortlessly conjured a blazing barrier, leaving me with no escape route from being burnt alive. The sheer magnitude of his power was astonishing! I can’t help but wonder how many horns the Luza residing within his body possesses, capable of manifesting such an immense amount of energy. This would have been a fair match if I had my full powers. However, my strength is gradually dissipating. I could maybe utilize my adorable talking skills to distract him and await an opportunity to exploit his mistake.

“Yo, mate! Take it easy. I don’t know who you’re talking about! I have nothing to do with it.”

“Inevitably, you’ll eventually become a Shallow, so I suppose we might as well get it over with now.”

“You have a really cool outfit, but do you know what you’re doing? How can I become something when I don’t even know what it is?”

My previous comment struck a nerve, as he now seems distracted and fixated on his tea and scone. I take advantage of the moment and attack by swiping at him with my paw. However, he quickly deploys a fire shield, causing me to be thrown back, and I realize I couldn’t break through the shield. Despite this setback, my words from earlier seem to have affected him as he takes a deep breath before resuming his tedious speech.


“When you came to this dimension, you were accompanied by an enchanter, correct?”

“Yes, it was a snugglefluff slave who turned a chair into a sword and killed her master without a second thought. In fact, she seemed to enjoy killing a human.”


Ah! Not only does he have nice clothes, but he also seems to understand that this is uncommon.

“As a Luza, you were transported when a human became an enchanter. This creates a link between you and this person through the energy of Kana and Zawa. Finding synergy between the two is crucial, as failing to do so can result in losing your sanity and turning into Shallows – unconscious creatures that bring chaos to the world.”

Is that snugglefluff going to absorb me? I should have eliminated her when I had the chance, and she still hasn’t mastered her powers. I’m feeling weak and confused. However, I wonder why he’s sharing this information after trying to kill me. Perhaps he sees my vulnerability, and the mate knows the red-haired woman will absorb me because she looks stronger than me now. He’s not foolish.

“That enchantress ex-slave, I need to find her. She murdered the wrong person and then stole an object of great value to Aranor.”

“And you want me to track her down?”

So that’s about it. He’s using me.

“It seems that you and another person are linked by the energy of Kana and Zawa. The universe will guide you towards finding her. You and I have a common goal: to eliminate the slave”.

Yes. Because I’m a dumb dog. It’s obvious that he is using me to find that slave, and after that, he’ll want to kill us both. I’m in a difficult situation. If I don’t cooperate with him, he will kill me because I am weak. However, if I absorb the enchantress, there is a possibility that I can regain my strength and fight back against this rascal.

“Okay, I’ll find the enchantress,” not that I had a better choice than that.

“Carry this with you,” the man hands me a ring that emanates energy from Kana and Zawa, “I am Aiden. The woman that the enchantress had killed crafted this ring. It is actually an amulet designed to contain the powers of Kana and Zawa while the being achieves balance. Unfortunately, it is not useful to you currently. However, I am connected to the ring’s energies and can track it if required.”

“Like a GPS?”


“You guys are too boring; forget the GPS.” I won’t expect the man to know another dimension technology. “It’s a tracker. Is that all? Can I please be excused now, oh great and powerful enchanter?” sorry, but indulgence is a fundamental aspect of my being.

I nodded in agreement as the man spoke. Without hesitation, I leaped out the window into the bustling city below. It was strange to see Edgward, once a feared destroyer, now reduced to a mere pet for those creatures. However, there was truth to his words – my energy seemed connected to the enchantress. Despite this, I had not made any blood pacts with Aiden, and I remained undecided about which side to choose once I found the enchantress. I couldn’t help but wonder what Aiden had planned, as he seemed to be cautious of my indecision.

I must address one issue at a time. My primary concern is locating that cheeky woman and preventing her from assimilating me. I have lived for millennia, and I refuse to end up confined within the body of a lower being as an enchantress.


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