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Aiden: Embrace yourself

Aranor’s hierarchy was a web of power and intrigue. The royal family held the apex of authority, their dominion extending not just over the land, but also over the realm of magic. Aiden had been drawn into this world from a young age, his life irrevocably altered when the king himself had intervened to save him from the brink of death.

Within the sprawling palace walls, the corridors echoed with the footsteps of those who served the throne. The architecture spoke of grandeur and history, each stone a testament to the lineage that had shaped the kingdom. Aiden’s place among the royals was unique—he stood not as direct royalty, but as a prominent figure who had earned the king’s favor through his unwavering service in the military.

As the evening sun cast long shadows through the palace windows, Aiden stood in a chamber that held the weight of his thoughts. His powers, a gift that had saved him on the battlefield but left him feeling like a ticking time bomb, gnawed at his sense of identity. He flexed his fingers, watching the tendrils of dark energy curl around his hand, a physical manifestation of the turmoil within.

The door swung open, and a figure entered—the king’s advisor, Lillia. Her ebony skin contrasted with the pristine white hair that flowed like a waterfall down her back. Aiden’s eyes met hers, captivated by the golden intensity of her gaze.

“Aiden,” she purred, her voice a silky melody that wrapped around his senses. “I am really sorry about your loss and looks like you are troubled again by those powers of yours?”

He averted his gaze, a mixture of embarrassment and frustration swirling within him. “You know how it is, Lillia. I can control them. But I can’t understand them.”

She moved closer, her presence enveloping him like a heady perfume. “Power is a fickle thing, Aiden. It demands acknowledgment and acceptance. Denying it only gives it more control over you.”

Aiden’s brows furrowed. “And what would you have me do? Embrace the chaos?”

Lillia reached out, her fingers trailing along his jawline, sending shivers down his spine. “Embrace who you are, Aiden. The king sees potential in you—potential beyond the battlefield. Why else would he have plucked you from the brink of death?”

Aiden’s heart raced, a mixture of attraction and unease stirring within him. “I serve the kingdom, Lillia. That’s my duty.”

She leaned in, her lips inches from his ear, her voice a seductive whisper. “But what if your duty could be so much more? What if your powers could reshape the very fabric of Aranor?”


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