How to buy a Kanazawa NFT?

Purchasing an NFT from Kanazawa is easy and convenient once you have created your wallet with Ethereum. Our marketplace, powered by Rarible, is user-friendly and secure. To ensure your safety, you can verify that the marketplace is integrated into Rarible’s system. Our website simply redirects you to the decentralized marketplace, and we do not store or process any information from your wallet on our servers. Our marketplace is a centralized hub for all transactions completed on non-on-chain NFT sites.

If you bought your NFT in a Kanazawa collection on marketplaces such as Rarible, X2Y2, or LooksRare, they are synchronized by the same contract and will be updated everywhere. However, if you made your purchase on a different marketplace not listed on our official marketplace, simply click “List” on our homepage. We highly recommend using our official marketplace powered by Rarible to ensure your NFT authenticity. If you use other marketplaces like OpenSea, X2Y2, or LooksRare, make sure you are purchasing an authentic Kanazawa and not a pirated version. You can learn how to verify authenticity by following this link.


How to buy a Kanazawa NFT?

1 – Access our official marketplace and click “Connect Wallet”


2 – Select the wallet would you like to connect. In our example is “MetaTask”


3 – If your wallet is already authorized on Rarible you will be automatically logged in. If this is your first access and you need a subscription, MetaTask will inform you. Click “Explore” to see the collections.


4 – To find a specific NFT, use the filters located in the left side menu. An NFT with value, like #0001 in our example, is available for purchase. If it’s not listed, you can select “open for bids” and make an offer to the NFT holders.


5 – Click on the desired NFT. on the NFT page you can find information, click on “Buy Now” to buy the NFT or “Place a bid” if you want to make an offer to the NFT owner.


6 – Make sure you agree with the information and click “Confirm purchase”


7 – Confirm the purchase in your MetaTask wallet


8 – ready! Your purchase is confirmed and you are the owner of a Kanazawa NFT. You are already eligible to receive our AirDrops in passive income through the Earning Program. You can also put your NFT up for sale for another collector to buy and you will also receive offers from buyers interested in your art.