How to buy Ethereum?

Now that you’ve created your MetaTask wallet and created your exchange account, it’s time to buy Ethereum! The process is extremely simple and we will use MoonPay with MetaTask as an example.


How to buy Ethereum

1 – Access your MetaTask on the icon next to your navigation bar and click on “Buy”


2 – A new window will open, click “Get Started”

3 – inform your country, in the example we will use “United Kingdom”

4 – Select the payment method. Each country offers different payment methods. In our example we will use “Credit Card”. After selecting the payment method, click “Continue”


5 – Enter the quantity you would like to buy and click “Get Quotes”


6 – Select one of the providers to make your purchase. For our example we will use “MoonPay”


7 – Proceed with the creation and payment of the account. Each provider works differently. Inform your e-mail to login or create a new account


8 – Click on the payment method you want to use. Different currencies may have additional payment methods, for this example we will use a bank card.


9 – Enter your basic data to create your MoonPay account


10 – Enter billing information


11 – Enter your bank card information


12 – The system will inform which wallet will receive the Ethereum (this wallet is the same one you are connected to in OpenSea)


13 – Confirm that the information is correct. Agree to the terms and click on “Pay”


14 – Read security notifications and click “Confirm order”


15 – The system will verify your card and that there is no discrepancy in your bank card information. If everything is correct, it will automatically purchase Ethereum and send it to your wallet. This check usually takes a few minutes, but can take hours. Feel free to close this window as it is not necessary to keep it open.


16 – Done! You just put Ethereum in your wallet and now you can buy your NFT!



Purchasing Ethereum is a simple and fast process. After creating your provider account, you can choose your preferred payment method. If you have a MetaTask wallet, you can now learn how to buy Kanazawa.