How to send Ether from MetaTask to Kraken?

Learn in this article the step by step of how to send ether from your MetaTask to your exnchange wallet


Now that your Kraken account is created and your limit has been increased you are ready to trade cryptos. This process is super simple and fast!


How to send Ether from my wallet to Kraken?

1 – Click “Transfers” on the left side menu of your Kraken account.


2 – By default, the “Bitcoin” option is checked. To change crypto click on the checkbox.


3 – Click on “Ethereum”


4 – When selecting the method, keep the “Ether (ERC-20)” option checked as it is the default and most suitable for cryptocurrency token movement on the Ethereum network. Proceed by clicking on “Generate deposit address”.

5 – The address you need to use to send your Ethereum will be generated. To avoid typing errors click the copy button to copy to your clipboard.


6 – Log into your MetaMask account by clicking on the metatask icon next to your browser’s navigation bar.


7 – Click on “Send”


8 – Paste the copied Kraken address into your clipboard and the field will automatically validate. Enter the amount of Ethers you want to send. Check the gas fee. If everything is OK, click “Next”


9 – If the network has a lot of movement, you will be notified that the gas fee is above average. If you want to continue, click “Confirm”


10 – Ready! You can track your movements on the blockchain.



Once you’ve transferred Ethers to your Kraken account, it may take several minutes for them to appear. The processing time depends on network traffic. If the transaction is successful, you will see the status as “Confirmed.” After the blockchain verification process, the transaction will be concluded in the blockchain which usually takes 15-30 minutes but may take longer. We suggest testing the process with a small amount first to gain confidence before proceeding with the final transaction. Once your ether is received at your exchange, you can withdraw it to your bank account in the currency of your choice!