How to verify that my NFT is authentic?

NFTs have significantly changed the art world by ensuring that collectors and investors own original copies of media. However, scammers may create copies of tokens that are not the originals on the blockchain. Therefore, buyers need to verify the authenticity of an NFT. At Kanazawa, our tokens are generated through the Ethereum network, and we publicly disclose information to prevent scams and ensure that the token you purchase is genuine. This guarantees you secondary market trading opportunities, market valueation and Ethereum earnings through our earning program. In this article, we will teach you how to verify the authenticity of the NFT you intend to buy from Kanazawa LTD.

Check the token

When considering a purchase on marketplaces like Opensea.io or Rarible.com, it’s essential to locate the “Contract Address” and “Token ID” information beforehand. This information is typically publicly available on the NFT listed for sale.


Compare the information

Next, you can visit our NFT gallery on our website to view all the NFTs minted and dropped by Kanazawa LTD. The gallery allows you to filter the NFTs by character or characteristics.

After locating your NFT, click on the corresponding image to open the blockchain information page:

To ensure you purchase a genuine Kanazawa, check the “Contract Address” and “Token ID” fields in a highlighted box on the page. You’ll also find information about when the NFT was made available for minting and a public blockchain link on Etherscam. If the IDs match, congratulations! Your Kanazawa will come with all its benefits. If the IDs don’t match, don’t make the purchase. Instead, report the scam to contact@kanazawa.io. We will take appropriate action to remove the scammer’s page and possibly pursue legal action for copyright violation.

A simple way to verify that your Kanazawa is authentic is by looking at the contract. All our NFTs are minted and dropped within our contract 0x172Bb50556d733bBF382ef78A60F28716A33516D. This contract is immutable regardless of where you are buying or how many trades are made. Any NFT that is not within this contract is fake.

I am not buying from a marketplace

If you plan to purchase your Kanazawa from a seller who is not on any marketplaces, simply follow the previous step to access the NFT page you wish to buy.

Click on the blockchain link publishes “Etherscam”

To verify the ownership of an NFT, simply navigate to the “Owner” field on the page. This will reveal which wallet possesses the NFT. To ensure that the seller is the owner, you can request that they send a small amount of ETH to your wallet. You can proceed with the transaction if the seller’s wallet matches the “Owner” field. It’s important to note that while these checks increase the likelihood of a successful transaction, they don’t guarantee it.

To minimize the risk of scams, it’s best to use marketplaces with intermediaries who can ensure that the NFT will be transferred to your wallet upon payment. Keep in mind that the blockchain is unregulated, so it’s crucial to exercise caution when making transactions.

Following this easy tutorial can enhance your confidence while conducting negotiations in marketplaces or P2P without any intermediaries. It’s important to note that Kanazawa LTD will only contact you via email with the domain @kanazawa.io. If you receive any emails from someone pretending to be us, please disregard them and add the sender to your spam folder.