Kanazawa Marketplace

In this article we seek to explain why to use a decentralized marketplace and its security during navigation.

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of NFT marketplaces for creators and collectors in terms of security and stability. While many creators rely on third-party marketplaces for their drops and mints, our approach at Kanazawa is based on web3 principles of decentralization. Therefore, we operate a decentralized marketplace that collects information from all other web3 marketplaces.


Why does Kanazawa use its own Marketplace?

We use our own Kanazawa Marketplace that can be found through the addresses https://nft.kanazawa.io/ or https://knzw.wlbl.xyz/, and both marketplaces are from the same registry, but only with different domains pointing to the same place to facilitate reading and search by indexers (such as Google and Bing).

Please note that our marketplace is powered by Rarible and not hosted on our servers. This means that your navigation will be descentralized, and your wallet access will be secure because all the authorizations and movements of your NFT are being carried out by Rarible server. Additionally, in the event of any instability on our servers, trades will not be affected as they are managed decentralized.

By maintaining a decentralized marketplace we avoid any problems occurring. For example, suppose OpenSea pulls our collection from their website, or X2Y2 goes down for any reason. In that case, the trades will remain online and stable in our marketplace. This guarantees decentralization of information, and a company does not only retain our collections. On web3, it is essential to guarantee the decentralization of information and that collectors will continue exercising their rights to purchase and sell their assets.

If you have any questions about how Rarible’s Community Marketplaces work, you can find them in their website.