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What is AirDrop?

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Our AirDrop program, the “Earning Program,” operates on an AirDrop Holder model where individuals holding our NFTs on a specific day each month are eligible to receive prizes in Ethereum. These prizes are directly sent to the wallets of qualifying individuals without needing a manual claim.



Monthly AirDrops;
AirDrops sent in cryptocurrency with high volatility (Ethereum);
No need to connect to claim, AirDrops are sent directly to the wallet;
Administrative strategies ensuring the continuity of the program;

AirDrop #003

Our AirDrop #003 does not yet have the scheduled information. However, you can check out the benefits already delivered by the program in previous AirDrops! The calendar publication forecast for AirDrop #003 is scheduled for the second week of September 2023.

Previous AirDrops (August)




0.02063205 ETH / Each NFT

Pay Date



10.31 %


AirDrop #002

AirDrop #001

The July AirDrop calendar is now published!

Don't lost de ex-date! You still have:





0.0105 ETH / Each NFT

Pay Date



3.00 %

Information about AirDrop #001 is published in document E0002 available on the “Documents” page



All documents (regulations, payment receipts, calendars, etc.) can be found on the “Documents” page. The regularization document for our AirDrop is E0001.

Administrative strategies involve collecting and fairly distributing company resources, including profits, in the form of AirDrop. These resources are obtained through sales of drops, an increase in the trading price of NFTs in the secondary market, and earning creator and profits obtained through the company’s equity allocated in investment portfolios. It is important to note that AirDrop is a gift sent by Kanazawa LTD in the form of Ethereum and should not be confused with a financial instrument or contract. For more information about the features, please refer to document E0001 in Documents.

Although any NFT purchased from the Kanazawa LTD wallet is eligible to receive an invoice, only the NFTs present in our standard contract 0x172Bb50556d733bBF382ef78A60F28716A33516D are eligible to receive AirDrops.

If you have doubts about your NFT’s eligibility to receive AirDrop, check the gallery.

No. AirDrops are gifts sent by creators to collectors and should not be viewed fiscally or legally as financial instruments.

“Date ex” is the last day for AirDrop eligibility for the month. For example: if in the AirDrop of May/2024 it informs that the Date-ex is 03/May/2024, this means that the wallets that had an NFT on 02/May/2024 at 11:59 PM (UTC) will be eligible for receive that month’s AirDrop.

The AirDrop send date is published together with the AirDrop calendar monthly with the title “Date Pay”. Date Pay, like Date-Ex, varies every month.

E/P (Earning/Price) is an indicator to demonstrate AirDrop performance. It is calculated by the value of the AirDrop divided by the value of the last drop made by the company.

By default, you are guaranteed to receive AirDrop whenever Kanazawa LTD makes a profit. However, loans or company emergency funds will be used to maintain interest in the program, ensuring that collectors will receive AirDrop even in months when there is no profit.

Yes. As long as your NFT was purchased under an AirDrop-eligible contract, you will receive it regardless of how you acquired your NFT.

Reinforcing that those present in our standard contract are eligible to receive NFT, this information is also included on the NFT page in our gallery.

Each government has its own interpretation of AirDrops, and it is the responsibility of the collector to determine if they need to declare receipts for tax purposes in their country of domicile.

No. AirDrops are tax declared by us as “gifts”. Therefore, as there is no purchase/sale operation, there is no invoice issue. Likewise, as it is treated as a gift, auxiliary documents will not be issued for the monthly or annual income tax return.