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Relevant release and drop information


We are proud of our introduction to the market! We want to use this space to thank NFT collectors and readers and report on some of the company’s advances.



On our landing page, we’ve made two crucial documents available for public consultation: A001 (Release Material) and E0001 (Earning Program Regulation). Although we originally planned to release them only on the company’s launch date (July 1, 2023), we received numerous requests through our social media announcements. We understand that our business model may differ from what collectors are used to and that proposing profit distribution could raise doubts. Therefore, we strive to communicate clearly about our documentation to prevent any doubts about it. Our mission is to facilitate collectors’ DYOR (do your own research) by providing all the necessary documentation.

Furthermore, we’ve launched additional supplementary documents related to the Earning Program and Financial document, which contain information about the company’s equity and resource allocation. Both have been signed and are available for public analysis in the documents area.


NFT Academy

When creating our content, documents, and communication, we catered to experienced and novice NFT collectors. Our goal is to promote the blockchain market and its potential. As part of our efforts, we created a dedicated section on our website called the “NFT Academy.” This section covers everything from basic concepts to technical specifications about our company.

We strongly encourage inexperienced investors to read the fundamental explanations provided in this section. This includes advice on how to stay safe in the digital world and avoid scams. In addition, novice investors can access step-by-step tutorials on more straightforward topics, such as setting up a MetaMask wallet or making transactions on a cryptocurrency exchange.


Earning Program

Our company’s main differentiating factor to stand out in the market is our AirDrop holder “Earning Program“. We are committed to putting in significant efforts to maintain its attractiveness and keep it active. It follows the calendar of May and June 2023 and has exceptional characteristics:
– The AirDrop will be 0.01050000 ETH for each NFT. It will be sent on the 22nd of July 2023 to anyone who has one or more eligible NFT in their wallet on the 20th of July at 11:59PM (UTC+0).
– Tokens airdropped in our earnings program in the first month were not deducted from profits but taken from our remaining marketing budget. Additionally, as a bonus for participating early, we are offering a good amount of cryptocurrency in the initial distribution. We aim to sustain its future value and keep it attractive to our users.
– The calendar containing the DATE EX and DATE PAY was published before the closing of the payment cycle.
– The calendar for the next Earning Program payment cycle will be published in August/2023. It will refer to the July/2023 calendar.

To read the documents about the AirDrops in July, access the Documents page and look for the documents:
E0002: Earning Program – July Challendar
F0623: Financial Update



We highly recommend using our official marketplace, which is powered by Rarible and can be found on our website or Rarible’s domain. Please note that our collection is also available on others marketplaces. Reinforcing that our marketplace is powered by Rarible and your wallet connection is not made directly to our servers.

Recently, we had an issue with AirDrop being misunderstood by OpenSea.io. As a result, our collection has been disabled on their marketplace. We are currently in contact with the OpenSea.io team to resolve this problem, but we do not have a fixed timeline for it. Meanwhile, our official marketplace is functioning normally, as well as our collection on other platforms like Rarible and LooksRare. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working to fix the connection problem with OpenSea.


Next drop

At this moment, we still don’t have an expected date or price for the second drop. It will be necessary to evaluate the sales performance and negotiations of the current drop held on July 1st.


Next Steps

As informed in the published documents, we will now begin the next step of the company’s release phase. At this stage, we are implementing and improving some strategies on the Facebook page and creating the main strategy aimed at Google Ads and the press. In the first days, we will analyze the cost per action (CPA) of Google Ads and check possible strategic changes. If there is a need for any changes, we will inform the market.

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