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Kanazawa's Ecosystem

Kanazawa's e-book, the foundation of the ecosystem, is distributed for free and describes a narrative that combines NFTs and physical products. STATUS: ON-LINE.
Kanazawa | NFT Collection
Exclusive NFT collection from the art category, containing the illustrations represented in the e-book and with 1/1 rarity. STATUS: ON-LINE.
Kanazawa Pop | NFT Collection
NFT collectibles on the Polygon chain. This collection is dedicated exclusively to the community and features 95% giveaway items based on traits and rarity. STATUS: ON-LINE.
Eryndor | NFT Collection
Eryndor will be a collection of NFT RNG (Random Number Generators) based on the Kanazawa universe on the Ethereum chain. STATUS: IN PROGRESS
$KNZ | AltCoin
AltCoin relating the entire ecosystem, benefiting holders with AirDrops and connecting all other Kanazawa web3 products. STATUS: IN PROGRESS
Phase 1 - Release
07/2023 to 09/2023

The first phase of Kanazawa marks the publication of chapters 1, 2 and 3 and the launch of the company's two base NFT collections: Kanazawa (Ethereum) and Kanazawa Pop (Polygon).

Phase 2 - Audience
09/2023 to 11/2023

After the "Kanazawa Pop" collection has been launched, the project will enter its second phase where it will focus on building a community through the first two collections. Furthermore, the project will seek partnerships and expand its audience in the upcoming months.

Phase 3 - End of the arc
11/2023 to 01/2024

The third phase of Kanazawa is distinguished by the release of the final chapter of the arc, Chapter 6. Additionally, during this time, the third NFT collection called Eryndor will be introduced on the Ethereum chain along with the ecosystem's altcoin, $KNZ.

Next RoadMap

To excel in the NFT industry, it's crucial to consistently introduce innovative features to your brand. Once Kanazawa's first arc is completed, including the publication of the final chapter, launch of three collections, and altcoin, we will analyze the ecosystem and develop a new roadmap with additional projects.

Kanazawa | NFT Collection


Kanazawa is the primary collection of NFT that contains e-book illustrations and is an exclusive art collection 1\1.

New NFT are minted as the new chapters are released.

Kanazawa POP | NFT Collection


Kanazawa POP is a collection of NFTs that are based on traits and rarity and are minted on the Polygon chain. These NFTs are unique because they are not intended for profit, but rather as a giveaway to the community. 95% of the collection was distributed free of charge to members of the Kanazawa community, while the remaining 5% was kept by the collector to cover the costs of minting and producing the items.

Eryndor | NFT Collection

Forecast for Nov/2023

The final collection of Kanazawa’s first arc is called “Eryndor”. It consists of unique NFT 1/1 PFP (Profile Picture) collectibles that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These collectibles have different rarity traits, and their metadata and image are generated randomly at the time of it minted. The rarity of the traits is determined by mathematical probability.

More information from Nov/2023

$KNZ | Kanazawa Altcoin

Forecast for Dez/2023

The community has been eagerly requesting Kanazawa tokens ever since the book’s chapters were released. The altcoin, $KNZ, part of the Kanazawa ecosystem, will adhere to ERC-20 standards and will serve as a means to unify all of the project’s NFT collections, including Kanazawa, Kanazawa POP, and Eryndor.

Whitepaper, token roadmap, supply, AirDrop and other information will begin to be released after the launch of the “Eryndor” NFT collection.

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